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Sarwal heart surgery forum has been created for increasing awareness about heart diseases and their treatments available. As per WHO report India is going to be the world capital of heart diseases in next couple of years. And as per American Heart Association every 30 seconds an American is losing life because of heart problem. So 8f in western countries the situation is so alarming then obviously in our country it will be grave.
But the best part is that it is preventable with lifestyle modification as it is a metabolic disease. And even if some one develops it a health conscious individual can get it detected with simple tests and if required with further Gold standard test of angiography one can now know the severity of disease, its treatments available and advice on further life style modification esp in Diabetics where they are three times more prone to it and they need to be extra cautious.

The science has developed so much that very good solutions are available these days to treat this disease and if done in time one can save a life and can keep the individual healthy through out his future life. According to American heart association and American college of Cardiology now first treatment modality recommended for most of Coronary artery disease is Bypass Surgery or CABG as it is not only durable but increases the survival too. More over the techniques of Bypass Surgery have improved so much like beating heart bypasssurgery that the stress of surgery on the individual is much less and one recovers much faster and is back to work early.

Coupled to that are minimally invasive techniques which make it more acceptable cosmetically , is patient friendly and helps early recovery and back to work in 3 weeks time. Only thing important here is that it should be opted for in time for optimal results and long term benefits.Here on this website you can get lot of information on heart diseases its surgical treatments available through various pages and under quick links where you can access Society of Thoracic Surgeons website for more details. Also you can book an appointment for free second consult here for an ethical and scientific options available.

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Dr. Virender Sarwal having experience of 30 Years in Heart Surgery . Both for Adult and By Birth Defects.

Heart Surgery Program from True Heart For Your Heart

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A 59yrs old male was admitted with dilated ischemic cardiomyopathy with EF of 20% and severe Mitral Regurgitation, acute LVF and NIDDM.

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Surgcial Services Avaliable

Techniques developed to increase success rates in high risk situations

High risk cases need lot of planning and execution as every small evaluation matters. So to have proper insight by the team and implementing...

Conventional Bypass Surgery on Pump

This is a standard bypass grafting done on arrested heart where heart lung machine supports the rest of the body. It is the older technique. But...

Surgery of Aortic Dissection/Aneurysm

This is a challenging surgery done to replace the past of main artery of the heart I.e Aorta with an external valved or non valved conduit. It’s...

Peripheral Vascular Surgeries

It’s done for the disease of the arteries going to both legs or in the abdominal aorta branches. It’s again a bypass with an external conduit.


It is a procedure to remove the outer layer of the heart when it gets diseased and causes constriction to the heart muscle.It’s a closed heart...

Closed Heart Surgery

Closed heart surgery is for conditions where we do not use heart lung machine mainly for opening the valves in older terms or for PDA closer or...

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Touch and be touched. Many scientific studies have shown that people who were touched lovingly every day has significantly fewer heart problems.

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Dr Sarwal iConsult was developed as a novel idea keeping in view the criticality of heart disease. A heart patient needs to be connected to its treating doctor or the hospital 24×7 for any kind of emergencies, any change in treatments or any other help. Not only that he needs to carry his records with him all the time esp when he is traveling. Also, he needs to make an appointment sometimes unplanned and if it’s online it becomes handy. Also with peripheral centers coming up where cath lab and angiography facility is available if the patient has to go for further intervention like Bypass Surgery or stents he has to travel quite a distance even for an opinion as to what is required scientifically. This App was created keeping in view all the above points and requirements and has a special feature of video chat wherein the patient can take a consultation online. He can upload his angiography CD through Google drive and it can be viewed with us for an ethical and scientific opinion. It works 24×7

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Talwar Family

During my recent surgery, you took great personal care to see that i got the best possible medical attention.

Mohamed Shafi Quershi

It was due to sustained efforts of yourself and your colleagues, and of course, due to God's grace, that my recovery has been so satisfactory.

Mr Mahavir Kumar

First of all i thank Dr Virender Sarwal.....

Partap Rana

God has appointed doctors to save.

Rakesh Simer
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During your illness we promise to take care of you in personalized manner for best outcomes.
Transparent & ethical treatment with transparent billing.
Fixed packages with no worries of fat bills.

During your illness we promise to take care of you in personalized manner for best outcomes.
Transparent & ethical treatment with transparent billing.
Fixed packages with no worries of fat bills.